MGF: Brain Tester 24 Pack Volume 2 Review

MGF writes: "Brain Training mini games.

We never reviewed the original Brain Tester on mobile, but if you've played a few brain training games, you should know the score by now. On mobile, the mini games may not be as lavish as their console counterparts, but they do try and pack them in.

Here you not only get a game which has 24 mini games to play, but as you increase your scores, you watch a little creature evolve. There are 4 levels of evolution for him / her / it which tie back the mini games. So in the hand section of games, as your scores increase, the creature's hands evolve!

Now, I'm not quite sure what this Spore style element of the game's purpose is, but it does make playing the mini games a bit more addictive. There's a whole plethora of games here from fishing and recognising colours, to controlling a giant Godzilla around a town to try and get to a little girl. I kid you not. All of the games look really nice with very bright and brash colours and usually simple controls."

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