inFamous Behind the Scenes Part 1

Go behind closed doors at developer Sucker Punch and hear what the people behind upcoming PS3 action title inFamous have to say.

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Kylen083273d ago

omg this will be one of the greatest games of the year.
This will actually be the first game where i will choose the evil side:D

hazeblaze3273d ago

Lol, I agree! This is probably one of my top 5 for the year based on what I've seen! That was the best dev interview of the game that I've seen too... the graphics are really quite beautiful. Can't wait to get this one home!

FamilyGuy3273d ago

I got to see the thunderstorm in both good and bad karmas. Also, i thought the regular citizens just run from you when they see you because of your bad karma making you infamous but this video shows they hate you enough to attack you and throw rocks. A different experience indeed!

I know im going to like it but i still hope the reviews treat it fairly.
No point deductions for things not in the game like multiplayer and driving cars, i want it rated on what IS in the game.

bpac1234567893273d ago

At first i wasn't that excited for infamous... but now i might have to pick it up. The game looks like alot of fun and the graphics have come a long way.

PotNoodle3273d ago

This game sort of just.. came out of nowhere. I mean everyone knew it was coming.. but it is become bigger than most of us expected it to become.

Good job SuckerPunch

cmrbe3273d ago

I have been excited about this game since it was announced.

As i said countless times before. Infameous will make the same impact as Uncharted did back in 2007. Infamous will be another top tier PS franchise before the end of this gen.

SP have always been underrated by many. The truth is they are just as good and IG and ND. Between Sly and RC i actually like Sly more.

I guess people are just surprise because most don't know about SP. When i saw it was a SP game it instantly became a first day buy for me just like Uncharted and Resistance when i found out that ND and IG were developing them.

Gameplay wise it looks to be better than Uncharted 1 which is great. The story will be top notch as well because its SP.

Panthers3273d ago

A lot of people said the same thing about Uncharted. But I was excited for that way before release just like this game. Sonys new exclusives seem to be sneaking up on people. They dont take off right away, but once word gets out, they do well.

PotNoodle3273d ago

I'm not saying there were not people excited, i was too and i have been for ages - i'm talking about media coverage and how it has just blown up on the gaming forums.

itani3273d ago

Infamous will be famous!

lrn2hate3273d ago

Yeah, I can't wait either. I'll be doing all good choices for my first play through then Going to the darkside for my second play through! can't wait! I really like how each side has slightly different abilities.

hazeblaze3273d ago

Lol, I'm going to play the opposite... I'll be completely evil on the first playthrough... then I'll go back through and play the good side.

lh_swe3273d ago

Nah that probably won't be a good idea, I'm going to end up doing the good campaign first, since my moral compass will oblige me to follow that path (DAMMED MORALS! they even get to me in games)

BlackPrince 423273d ago

That part with the lightning where he annihilated a whole city block was amazing.

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The story is too old to be commented.