Yahoo UK Preview: Terminator: Salvation

Yahoo UK writes: "At preview stage we're only allowed to mention three areas, two on foot and the other 'on rails' – in other words manning a turret-gun on the back of a truck, a scene you'll have burned onto your retinas if you're roughly the same age as Connor in the game (30-ish) as a similar routine features in the opening minutes of the first movie.

Let's deal with the turret-gun business first as it highlights the visual prowess of Terminator: Salvation. It takes place on a badly damaged section of freeway where motorbike-style Terminators seen in the movie trailer are the main enemy, 'Moto-Terminators' who've targeted a school bus packed with terrified human escapees. Our last 'on rails' highlight was in GTAIV The Lost and Damned involving cop cars and helicopters, and the explosive chaos here is at least on par with that. We'll be grateful for such moments of release because the majority of the game is played much more strategically "…if you want to survive", as the saying goes."

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The Pheen-X3332d ago

Im actually looking forward to this.