Yahoo UK Preview: Dissidia: Final Fantasy

And so Dissidia: Final Fantasy is a one-on-one combat game taking place inside dizzying 3D arenas. It has been created by members of the Kingdom Hearts series at Square Enix, the Disney theme adventures with more of an action feel. Dissidia noticeably feels like an expansion of the Kingdom Hearts free-roaming battle system, but faster paced and with plenty more room to manoeuvre – which you'll need! The protagonists are capable of running up or along walls and grinding along luminous rails to evade or launch their own blistering attacks. As they do so the camera tracks them from behind, or quickly zooms to the most dramatic viewpoint to display the myriad special attacks. Dissidia is amazing to watch but you might worry that it's tricky to play. Like Virtual On, however, the rudiments are easily grasped.

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