Yahoo UK Preview: Star Ocean: The Last Hope

Yahoo UK writes: "There's something akin to the buzz surrounding JJ Abrams' Star Trek movie for this Xbox 360 role-playing game. So we've spent several hours accompanying Edge Maverick and his crew to learn more about why.

As one of the three top-selling Xbox 360 games in Japan, "Star Ocean: The Last Hope" promises broader appeal than previous Square Enix RPGs on these shores. Production values are through the roof, and it's understandable that fans of the series since its Super NES debut of 1996 have been going gaga. The opening scenes depicting Space Reconnaissance Force ships engaging warp drive in search of new hope beyond our galaxy are utterly riveting and movie-like in direction. It's apparent from the very beginning that The Last Hope, a prequel to the original adventure, has soul.

The last most impressive instalment of the Star Ocean series, "Till the End of Time", appeared on PlayStation 2 in 2004 across Europe. Although depicted in state-of-the-art 3D, the impact was not nearly as great as technology has allowed on Xbox 360. And this has enabled The Last Hope's producers to indulge its protagonists in some meaningful dialogue and convey a sense of what is ticking beneath their immaculate doll-like appearance."

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