Yahoo UK Preview: Red Faction: Guerilla

Far from the auspices of Earth's law enforcement agencies all hell has broken loose on Mars, and a state of war now exists between the EDF (Earth Defence Force) – former liberators turned totalitarian oppressors – and the Red Faction freedom-fighters that oppose them. Into this melee wanders unsuspecting mining engineer Alec Mason, who is planet-side to see his bro' and to earn a few easy bucks. He's not looking for trouble but, when his brother is executed and he's forced to go on the run, that's exactly what he gets. And plenty...

What unfolds in Red Faction: Guerrilla is familiarly mission-based in structure, albeit with a highly explosive twist. First things first, though, and Alec soon finds himself running errands for the Red Faction, whose ambition of Martian liberation requires hitting the enemy where it hurts the most. Not by confronting them head-on, you understand, but by destroying their high value installations, thus earning the support of the put-upon local populace and weakening the EDF's overall grip on a region. Here's where the game's signature 'cool' bit comes in.

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