Edge: The Making Of: Populous

Edge writes: "We insisted that we would only fly over if we could go first class – it seemed worth a try – but we were amazed when they agreed," recalls Les Edgar, co-founder of Bullfrog. "It seemed so opulent. I can remember Peter and I saying on the flight that we'd never in our lives be able to travel like that again. When we arrived in Japan, there were TV cameras at the airport and, with no forewarning whatsoever, they were waiting for us. We just couldn't believe it."

Rewind through weeks, months, seasons, and the story of Populous begins with a simple misunderstanding. Commodore, fostering industry support for its fledgling Amiga during the mid-1980s, sought to contact Torus: a firm specialising in network solutions. An auspicious error led to an unexpected call for Taurus: a minor startup, barely founded, with a plan for a database program. Judicious use of language by Peter Molyneux during a subsequent visit to Commodore led to the not inconsiderable bonus of free Amiga hardware for his tiny company."

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