Velvet Assassin Review (ZTGD)

ZeroTolerance writes: The two genres represented in Velvet Assassin are two of the most prominent in gaming. There are an abundance of titles set in World War II, and there is certainly no shortage of stealth games on the market. When you combine these two ideas you get SouthPeak's latest title. Most importantly Velvet Assassin is a unique experience in that it combines two well-known staples of gaming in an unknown collaboration. This is however, where the innovation ends as the stealth gameplay is more reminiscent of classic titles with patience and trial and error being the forerunner, and wishy-washy AI encompassing the entire package. Still there is something about the game that keeps you entertained from beginning to end, and in this day and age that is a moral victory in and of itself.

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Jumper10803239d ago

its not a sleeper hit just because you haven't heard of it

1111113239d ago

Very nice game. Playing it just now.
This game has a kinda oldschool minmalistic feel to it.
Reminds me of commandos and tenchu all rolled together.

SonyRulz3238d ago

Pros Cons
+ Great atmosphere - AI is lacking
+ Old-school stealth action - Gunplay is horrendous
+ Rewarding gameplay - Can be frustrating the hell can it have "rewarding gameplay", if it the "gunplay is horrendous" and it "can be frustrating"? FAIL