Blizzard Will Dominate PC Market

Mike Morhaime, Blizzard Entertainment's president, is convinced their games will be in high demand in the next few years. StarCraft and Diablo II are still played by tens of thousands of players, 11 and eight years respectively since their releases. Both games were still popular before StarCraft II and Diablo III were announced, but were boosted by the announcements. Both titles have been in and out of the top-20 NPD sales list, and sometimes even in the top-ten, over the last two years.

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Leord3387d ago

...doesn't look like he is going to be proven wrong...

Daver3387d ago

blizzard is the only company that makes games for PC that worth to be played and buy a new PC for... Diablo 3 AND Starcraft 2

3387d ago
Tomdc3387d ago

give it 10 years and blizzard will be a fraction of what its worth now. It's major money earner is wow subscriptions which it earns an insane amount of money on and not many people will be playing that in 10 years. Granted they will have more MMOs out them but i doubt any will be as sucessful because they'll be plenty of others trying to be the "next wow" in the years to come.

moondragon3387d ago

yeah awsome, blizzard owns. They have the most quality titles out there so they can be called blizzard empire since no one can take them down.

kerriganss3387d ago

i love that guy... so much :P

thetamer3387d ago

It's a Blizzard title, what do you expect?

Leord3387d ago

It's probably 4 different games to be honest...

Malfurion3387d ago

One name: World of Warcraft.

Maticus3387d ago

Blizzard kinda already dominates the PC market doesn't it..? :P

SCFreelancer3387d ago

Its essentially bad though because most other games I buy tend to disappointing :(

Malfurion3387d ago

So Blizzard should make their games a bit more crappy to allow other developers to catch up? o.O

shawnsl653387d ago

Blizzard indeed already dominates.

Perjoss3387d ago

watching the warcraft retrospective on made me understand how bliz went from a normal dev to being a dev that only releases quality titles and does not rush them out the door, its done when its done etc. Its a must watch for a bliz fan, let me find the link...

its 3 parts, they are quite long, and for some reason they list part 3 at the top, so if you wanna watch them in order start from the bottom:

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The story is too old to be commented.