NEA Interviews Sony Chairman, CEO Howard Stringer

Tech-On: "Sir Howard Stringer never sits still long enough to warm his chair; as the spearhead of Sony's business, he is constantly in motion in Japan, the US, Europe and elsewhere. Originally a journalist, he joined Sony Corp of Japan 11 years ago and was appointed chairman and CEO over three years ago. In April 2009 he added president to his list of titles. We spoke with him about his thoughts on Sony's future, and about Sony's course through the current unparalleled recession."

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mirroredderorrim3387d ago (Edited 3387d ago )

My original comment from the deleted duplicate, stands:
(plus, giving heat to the original)

"I can see Sony using something along the lines of "folding at home" to use the power of ALL PS3's to power the Cloud.

Who's with me on this? I am shooting in the dark, at an invisible target, from a mile away. Please chime in, if anyone cares..."