Charlie Brooker's Gameswipe Confirmed

The companies involved in Charlie Brooker's TV shows, Screenwipe and Newswipe, have confirmed to IncGamers that Gameswipe - a similar show, based around videogames - is in production.

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thetamer3304d ago

Awesome! I can't wait!!! This is going to be so funny!

Leord3304d ago

Humour is best served in one's own little sub culture theme :)

kwyjibo3304d ago

Here's an example from Screenwipe, it also features the blokes from videoGaiden, who you've also probably failed to have heard of.

Leord3304d ago

Oh, that's pretty cool.

Maticus3304d ago

Oh that's awesome news!

Fyzzu3304d ago

Wahey. This is what we need. TV coverage, and *funny* TV coverage at that. Not that Videogaiden was bad, but it's not up to what I'd expect from something like this.

Might give ZeroPunctuation a run for its money!

Dorjan3304d ago

Let's see what comes from this...

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The story is too old to be commented.