New Split/Second screenshots

Black Rock Studios published some new screenshots from Split/Second.

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Th3 Chr0nic3275d ago

This game looks so sick. they are hyping it up like it is going to come out this summer but the release date says Q1 2010 :(

Rich16313275d ago

Damn, that looks really cool. I know nothing about this game or the developer but I will have to start tracking/researching it.

Th3 Chr0nic3275d ago

if you like racing games at all i recommend PURE it was released last september and made by black rock studios which is these guys but a diff team internally. it is an offroad ATV racing game with HUGE jumps and HUGE tricks. lets say it is as close to SSX on an ATV that you can get :) They are also the same guys that did the ATV offroad fury games on PS2

Supercalifragili3275d ago

Lets see what they can do with this game. Maybe in E3 we can have more info on this one.