Development Lessons From Killzone 2: An Interview

In February, Sony-owned Dutch developer Guerrilla Games' long-awaited Killzone 2 shipped for the PlayStation 3. Sony has claimed that the game was one of its fastest sellers ever. But the game, as with any long-awaited title, has not been without its controversies.

In the following interview, conducted at the recent Game Developers Conference, Hulst and Brussee discuss the size and structure of the game's team -- which topped out at 190 people.

Multiplayer and single-player development and testing are contrasted, the process of patching the game is discussed, and even the rendering engine is stripped back for the world to see.

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gijsbrecht3358d ago

A very interesting read indeed

likedamaster3358d ago

Here's a tiny tidbit for the fans.

"This is actually a real-time reflection. So, that wasn't in Killzone 2. We developed this for this demo as a kind of test. So, you know, we'll use that in future games." -Gorilla

PirateThom3358d ago

Yeah, there was a lot of things in that trailer that they developed after the game for use in future games. Killzone 3 probably won't have the same impact, but the engine is going to have a lot going on in the background.