How Did Nintendo Hardware Do By Region?

Nintendo has released Wii and DSi sales figures for fiscal 2009. Let's have a gander at the breakdown by region.

As we posted yesterday, worldwide annual sales of the Nintendo Wii hovered close to 26 million units (25.95), and the total lifetime sales for the console have surpassed 50 million (50.39).

In first quarter 2009, that means 530,000 Wii were sold in Japan, 2.5 million units were sold in The Americas and 2.15 million units were sold in Other. The next quarter, 480,000 units were sold in Japan, 2.08 million units were sold in The Americas and 2.15 million units were sold in Other. Third quarter 2009 saw a big holiday spike with 890,000 Wii units sold in Japan, 5.22 million units sold in The Americas and 4.32 million units sold in Other. Sales bottomed out in Japan big time the following quarter with 160,000 Wii units sold in Japan. The Americans and Other saw 3.14 million units and 2.13 million units sold, respectively.

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Anon19743299d ago (Edited 3299d ago )

For the last two years we were lead to believe by some that the Wii was only where it was because of it's price, nothing more. We've had 2 quarters now with the 360 the cheapest console available and although sales growth for the 360 had stagnated for 2 years in the US prior to the price drop, even having the cheapest console on the market hasn't put the 360 anywhere close to the Wii in terms of sales. Still, industry analysts look towards Japan when predicting game sales trends and even Nintendo is currently warning they may have peaked.
Time will tell. This console gen isn't even at the half way point yet.

ceedubya93299d ago

And appeals to a much broader audience than that of the HD consoles. In some cases, I feel like its fallen into the fad territory. It has seemed like for a while that the Wii is the hot item of the moment. Are people buying it just to say they have one, and then only use it once every blue moon? Are people getting any games for it besides those made by Nintendo?

It will be interesting to see how the Wii's lifespan ends up. It has definitely carved its own place in this generation.

Anon19743299d ago

Something I find interesting is it still seems to be the same games that are selling over and over. Aside from Wii-Fit/Sports/Play on the worldwide sales charts, Mario Tennis, Mario Kart, Mario Galaxy, Mario/Sonic Olympics seem like they're always present. Other games are often short lived blips on the charts but it seems like every Wii owner is picking up these titles. Region doesn't seem to matter when it comes to these titles.

N4g_null3297d ago

The wii is only filling in where a console should be. It's selling to new gamers, kids and grown ups with free time that want to play what they think is fun. Gaming is more popular but that does not mean hardcore gaming is as good for every one as it is for some gamers here.

I would love to see a FPS beat quake 3 in what it does but man would many people hate that game because of the skill level required to be competitive. The same has even happened to the Halo brand people have gotten good, which eans people will get scared away. It happens with every online game till the die hards are only left.

The sole reason why it doesn't happen to Wii games, hardly any consistent online matches, meaning if I want to play the number one player in mario kart I will need his friend code, yet it keeps the game fresh because you never know who you are going to get but you still get competitive games. I know it sounds crazy but when you are good at a game people chase you and that just gets lame unless they are good.