RapeLay developers dismiss US protesters

Protests by US rights campaigners against the game "RapeLay" have been shrugged off by the game's developers.

RapeLay is a Japanese videogame that allows the player to simulate sexual violence against virtual females.

The game hit the news in February when removed it from sale on their website.

But Illusion, the makers of RapeLay, have shrugged off a protest campaign, saying that they are "bewildered" by it. "We make the games for the domestic market and abide by laws here," said a spokesperson. "We cannot possibly comment on (the campaign) because we don't sell them overseas."

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Candlestickmaker3210d ago

I was amazed that 64% of women in their 20s and 30s had been molested on public transport in Tokyo. That is nuts.

Persistantthug3210d ago

I'd actually like to see a review of this game just to see if it's actually good....gameplay wise.

Candlestickmaker3204d ago

Glad to see this has been pulled off shelves in Japan, now.