Eidos Montreal Watching Thief 4 Thread With Interest

IncGamers report that "at least one employee of Eidos Montreal has been watching an online Thief 4 thread 'with interest,'" implying that the company, rumoured to be working on Thief 4, could well be paying a lot of attention to the fans.

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thetamer3357d ago

I hope to goodness that this really is the Thief. Can you imagine if it isn't? Might it be another Deus Ex project?

Leord3357d ago (Edited 3357d ago )

Why would they be so interested in Thief 4 discussions then?

AndyA3357d ago

I really hope it is a new Thief game. With a level as good as the Cradle.

Leord3357d ago

Thief is a classic. I remember playing the first game, way back. Good fun hiding in seemingly impossibly small shadows :)

Dorjan3357d ago

Hmm... why else would the developers be watching it eh?

Maticus3357d ago

First game I really got into was thief.

/prays for confirmation

Fyzzu3357d ago

Thief is a marvellous, marvellous series. If they really are paying attention to the fans that's ratcheted up my excitement even further.