Appmodo: Aurora Feint II Arena Daemons Review

Aurora Feint II Arena Daemons continues the original Aurora Feint saga with over 60 levels of puzzle challenges and extends into multiplayer battles. There's a real-time asynchronous player vs player dueling feature, which allows you to compete against other players even when they are not currently online playing the game.

Developers Danielle Cassley and Jason Citron added a personal news feed with extended player profiles and a network of global leaderboards, which were all popular requested features from the previous version. Gameplay is massively improved over the original Aurora Feint, taking this sequel to the next level. There is a new weapon system combined with the ability to tap blocks to destroy them. This addition allows for much more intense and precise gameplay building. You can also add friends to your player creation and increase your own levels of power. You can unlock other Daemons and their abilities by dueling with others online in the arena.

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