Black Prophecy Community Bulletin #2

IncGamers brings news that Reakktor Media, the maker of the upcoming space-based MMO, Black Prophecy, has released details of recent behind-the-scenes developments in their second Community Bulletin.

Community team member 'Snowcrash' revealed that several games publishers are interested in dealing with them, but no names can be mentioned yet. It also emerges that the BP community is growing, and fans from all over the world have joined in discussions on the official forums.

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Dorjan3387d ago

Keeping the community informed is always a good way in keeping the buzz alive!

Leord3387d ago

Yes, I love how Blizzard have done with the SC2 community. although they have failed now, closer to beta :)

Maticus3387d ago

I expect publishers are battling with each other for this one, it looks very impressive.

Leord3387d ago

That specific artwork actually looked quite inspired by EVE :)

Medievaldragon3387d ago

gee, more space battle MMOs.

Leord3387d ago

Can't have too many of them :)

I wonder what will happen if Blizz announces StarCraft Online or something at Blizzcon this year...

Perjoss3387d ago

@ 4.1

wasn't the latest news that bliz were indeed working on a new mmo but it was a new IP?

Fyzzu3387d ago

Heard nothing about this before. Looks a lot like EVE and Jumpgate and so on...

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