Appmodo Review: Need for Speed Undercover

The game had 8 different race modes in three different city zones which include Circuit Races, Cop Take Out, Sprint, Outrun, Highway Battle, Hot Car, Chasedown, and more. There are a total of 24 covert adventures that lead you through the mission of the game, going undercover. Just as with other Need for Speed titles, you can customize your car in various ways using money earned from races. Those options include Performance (top speed, acceleration, handling, nitro) and Visuals (body kit, paint job, spoiler, suspension height, vinyl, wheels). There are also 4 stages of upgrades available for each category at different price levels. Nitrous can be earned throughout each race either by being purchased in your garage or by near misses, drifting, and other hazardous events (just as in their full titles).

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