Fight Night Round 4 Will Feature Online World Championships

Fight Night Round 4 producer Dean Richards has revealed to IncGamers that the upcoming boxing sequel will feature online world championships for the first time in a purely skill-based online multiplayer mode.

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Leord3274d ago

Haha, regular sports becoming e-sports :)

AndyA3274d ago

I think this is a wonderful idea. Too many people played as Ali online in Round 3 so a skill-based, non-licensed world championship is perfect.

Maticus3274d ago

Purely skill-based as opposed to luck-based?

AndyA3274d ago

As opposed to stats-based. There are apparently no licensed fighters in the world championships mode implying that there will be a level playing field in terms of stats.

Leord3274d ago

Current eSport games are very balanced, I wonder what will happen with this game.

thetamer3274d ago

If the fight mechanics are good, then it'll have me hooked. And if they translate properly on to the world wide platform, then all the better. A virtual world of fighting communities would be amazing.

TrevorPhillips3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

oh no wayy, day 1 buy for me love fight night games :)

Hiruma Youchi3274d ago

Yeah. I love Me some Fight Night. It'd be nice if we could use Created Characters in the Online World Championship. That'd be Crazy.

AndyA3274d ago

Don't know about that, but one of the game producers did tell me that you can import your friends' created characters into your career mode.