MGU Review: 08 Formula Extreme

Despite a multitude of racing games on mobiles, the world of F1 racing is not often visited on the format, most likely because of the various licensing agreements in place around it. 08 Formula Extreme puts you in an unlicensed, F1-esque world, with several almost-familiar drivers and team names.

Therefore, if you've ever wanted to drive for the Farrari, McLoren or Renauld racing teams, pitting your driving skills against legends like L. Hamildon, now is your chance to do so. Of course, if you're expecting highly elaborate courses, you'll have to think again.

The tracks that you'll be driving on here are fairly basic, with occasional turns, some a little sharper than others, but most of which you'll find yourself getting thrown into with little-to-no warning. Even more basic is the pit lane, which is basically just a small lay-by at the side of the road, which you need to pull into and bring yourself to a standstill to initiate a fuel stop.

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