GTA 4: Better graphics with ENB Series Mod

PCGH has screenshots and picture comparison of a new ENB Series Mod for GTA 4. The modder Boris Vorontsov improves the graphics of GTA 4 with Screen Space Ambient Occlusion and sky lighting. Apparently the visual improvements don't lower the performance of the game.

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Hiruma Youchi3116d ago

enb does look better. less crispy more smudgy but better indeed.

BigKev453116d ago

Wow, it looks lighter. That's all.

TheIneffableBob3115d ago

You didn't notice the SSAO?

PinkUni3115d ago

ur right it looks the same!

all they changed was the lighting

makes it look cheap

3116d ago
micro_invader3116d ago

I can't see many differences, other than it being lighter. A video would probably help...

Rorkimaru3116d ago

It's not lighter all over, Its a more advanced lighting technique.

DNAgent3116d ago

It doesn't matter how many mods you put on this game because it will still suck.

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The story is too old to be commented.