Gamebosh Review: Tom Clancy's HAWX

Tom Clancy tends to get his name on a lot of video games these days, not bad for a novelist who's probably never even touched a 360 pad by choice. He's done everything from tactical squad warfare in Ghost Recon, stealth espionage in Splinter Cell and strategy in End War. Tom Clancy and Ubisoft have teamed up again this time to bring you arcade style flight combat H.A.W.X. (High Altitude Warfare Experimental). The collaborations usually bring us competent action packed games and with H.A.W.X. The sky's the limit.

Set in the future where war has spread and jets have advanced; it's the task of Major David Crenshaw and his HAWX unit to win the battle in the clouds. The story is presented in usual Clancy style in the form of mid-action videos, pre mission scenarios and post mission messages of congratulations. There's plenty of big up, feel good American chit chat, during which the Englishman in me longs for them to stop waving the American flag and feeling good about Uncle Sam and bring on the dogfights.

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