Dan Hsu Interview about BitMob, why 1up died, and more

The podcast Dead Pixel Live interviewed former EGM editor and current founder of Dan Hsu about his new site and his history in the game industry. He's joined by co-founder Demian Linn and they both go into why EGM and 1Up failed, the direction of the videogame industry, the influence game makers do and dont have on journalists and more. The interview starts at 90 minutes into the show and lasts about 45 minutes.

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Unbiased13238d ago

That idiot and his ASian buddies (like Milkman) are main reason why it failed. Their poor decisions. Milkman was on vacation more than he worked in last 2 years. He went on trip to France while company was collapsing and came back like a little b!!ch that he is....ahhh i will stop.

GWAVE3238d ago

Dan Hsu should not be interviewed, nor given attention. He contributes nothing to the game industry except fanboyish nonsense. Read his crowning achievement here:


derrickh3238d ago

In Dan's defense, that image is only a third of the review. Selective editing ftl.