RMT Tested For Champions Online

Cryptic Studios is trying out a Real Money Trading (RMT) system in the Champions Online beta.

Some sort of microtransactions will likely be implemented. The statement says it's "a necessary component of the greater Cryptic platform since we plan on working on a number of different titles using our technology platform."

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Dorjan3358d ago

RMT killed a lot of FFXI... It's always hard to balance an economy

SCFreelancer3358d ago

Balancing an ingame economy is hard enough as it is without RMT. RMT only makes it that much harder to do, and if not done right, it will make the game that much more unpleasant for non-RMT players because of the disadvantage they are at.

Baka-akaB3358d ago

Weither we like it or not , RMT are there in every mmo ...
it only get worse if not supervised a minimum

Medievaldragon3358d ago

bad, bad, bad precedent for a game that has no official subscribers yet.

Leord3358d ago

Well, that chief something-or-another was very much against it, so hopefully it won;t be implemented.

player_729853358d ago

RMT is bad, no matter how you look at it. I wouldn't spend my money on virtual items, nothing lasts forever, and this is surely no exception. RMT seems like a last desperate way to try and get money if the company isn't doing well (not that I know the situation of said company...), and in this economy, they're just asking too much.

Cogo3358d ago

I'm personally not against it. I mean technically, even WoW has real money trading for services like face changes, genderbending etc.

Leord3358d ago

In the same respect, I dislike it. I think it brings money into focus too much in a game. It's not something I like at all.

SCFreelancer3358d ago

True, I agree. The difference between how it is done in WOW and most other games that feature it in a more official way is that these paid features do no hurt other players.

If I can buy all of the best weapons for my char the moment they become available other players will be at a disadvantage. If I pay for a character transfer it will not structurally affect other players in a negative way.

Fyzzu3358d ago

If it's related to certain costume pieces, or something, it may not be that bad. Annoying, perhaps, but not that bad. If it's actual powers and so on, though...

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