Steve Ballmer: "Pay attention to the stuff we're announcing in the next month on Xbox"

Microsoft honcho and screamer Steve Ballmer gave a speech today in Dallas as a guest of the Dallas Regional Chamber to deliver a speech at the Dallas Convention Center.

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Hiruma Youchi3355d ago

Announcement/Trailer/Gameplay of Montion control games like Bolling and party games = :(

Announcement / Gameplay / Trailer of Forza3 , Killer Instinct3 , Conker Bad Fur day, Proper Banjo with no cars , Perfect dark , Magna Carta 2 , Ninty-Nine Nights , Mass Effect 2,Alan Wake , Splinter Cell Conviction = :)

Foxgod3355d ago (Edited 3355d ago )

Conker, i love to see a new iteration of that.
Add the following to your list:

Blue dragon 2
a new ip from mistwalker
2 new games from lionhead
new game from MS latest studio
Death road
Dead island
Mass effect 2

Anyone know more ?

KionicWarlord2223355d ago (Edited 3355d ago )

death road? never heard of that.

Alan Wake.


ah i saw game fox

Omega43355d ago

I dont see them announcing that many games since they do only have an hour (at least i think they do) and they also will be talking about the next update for NXE which will likely be huge so that will take some time

But i hope they at least make a montage video of all the already announced games like Mass Effect, Alan Wake and Splinter Cell showing gameplay.

Foxgod3355d ago

Death road got announced today, its a F-zero/Wipeout styled game.

DragonWarrior465343355d ago (Edited 3355d ago )

Pay attention to how bad they get their butts whooped @ E3 guys. LOL.
@FoxGod. Like we need another one of those right? Its all about quantity to you guys. I already own wipeout, burnout paradise, motorstorm 2, Grid, and Midnight Club LA. All I need is Forza 3 and GT5 and Im set for the next 5 years or more.

Rainstorm813355d ago (Edited 3355d ago )

Big announcement next month pay attention!!!

Is it getting that bad for microsoft that they have to remind people to pay attention during E3.

ITS E3!!! Everyone WILL be paying attention ANYWAY.

COME ON MS or Steve Ballmer

here comes the inevitable disagrees

3355d ago
edhe3355d ago

He was adresssing a crowd, not putting a PR bulletin out to N4G.

It'll be interesting. MS are going to come out with new hardware, new software, new games and new services.

Mike Wallace3355d ago

..well, he'd addressing the Dallas Chamber. These people probably don't read N4G every day like we do...

Rainstorm813355d ago

Look if you care anything about the xbox360 or video games in general then you should know what E3 is. If those in the crowd don't know about E3 they probably don't care about the announcement to begin with.

E3 is the biggest gaming spectacle in the industry covered by local and national news. No need to tell people to pay attention because the people that arent paying attention wont be next month either.

lowcarb3355d ago

Please get your fanboy butt up out of here talking nothing but nonsense. Seriously your logic makes no sense what so ever. You sound determined to try and prove your point which is dumb to begin with. Heck your not even a sony fan but more like a fanboy ranter for crying out loud.

40cal3355d ago

I wish I would have known that this was going on today. I am about 45 minutes away from the Dallas Convention Center.

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Mindboggle3355d ago (Edited 3355d ago )

Is that seriously the best 360 got or could have...As there is nothing even worth noting there apart from Halo, Splinter Cell and Perfect Dark..What the hell is Warhound, Venetica, Death Road and Dead Island. Do you honestly think those games would sale as I guarantee 90% of people on here have never heard of them, and if gamers have never heard of them what chance is there that they would sell.

Plus I love how everyone is still raving about Alan Wake despite us not knowing anything about it. Its probably going to fail just like Ninja Blade and Too Human..

Conker will probably never be made after the Banjo fail...

And Mass Effect. Inevitable PS3 release in 2010...

Oh and I wonder what exclusive DLC theyve got coming....And what PS3 exclusives they will steal...

3355d ago
pixelsword3355d ago (Edited 3355d ago ) don't underestimate Microsoft when it comes to surprises. Sure, their line-up looks dry now, but that's because they like to keep stuff in the dark and hit you with it all at once, like a semi-truck with their lights off. On the other hand about it, maybe they won't "win" E3, who knows. Keeping things under wraps has an upside: you still get good word of mouth, and you don't get talked about because you didn't deliver on something you showed. I think MS learned their lesson from Alan Wake, to be honest (although I think Alan Wake will be a very well done game).

So laugh them off if you want to, but if they have some flooring news, know that it floored you because you haven't seen it months before, eight ways from Sunday.

RememberThe3573355d ago

I'm with you on that. MS is going to hit us with some pretty cool sh*t. If you think not then your going to be pretty surprised.

This is if they're going to go down the road they're on right now. If they go down the Wii road, then that would suck.

I think MS has taken the claims against the 360's graphical capabilities personally. I hope to see a game that will truly use the 360 to it's best abilities. Come on MS, push it!

Face Palm3355d ago (Edited 3355d ago )

Sure Steve Ballmer tells us M$'s future is going to be great but remember what he said about the iPhone's future? How can you believe the guy who literally said the iPhone is going to fail and that the Motorola Q is better?! Not only is the iPhone WAY better than the Motorola Q but it's also THE #1 SELLING CELL PHONE OF ALL TIME!

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theKiller3355d ago

Final Fantasy versus 13 is coming to 360!!!!!
maybe some other playstation exclusives is also coming to 360!!!!
so basically no new exclusive this year for 360!

thats it basically!! so keep looking forward of MS amazing new exclusives!!!!

Dimitri3355d ago

E3 RROD fix announcement ? ^_^
Maybe they will include a fire alarm with every SKU when CryEngine 3 games come out ? :P

TOO PAWNED3355d ago

Probably bunch of multiplatform games about which they will act as it is exclusive material.

Foxgod3355d ago

you already pawned yourself, the latest bunch of 360 articles already proof youre wrong.

Why dont you go back to praising Sony for the Ghostbusters timed exclusivity in europe.

lowcarb3355d ago

Well at least they will be announcing games that will be out shortly and not 2 to 4 years down the road.:P

blusoops3355d ago

So when was Alan Wake announced? Oh that's right, 2-4 yrs ago.
Point is: both companies do it, sony & ms.
I'm sure this yr both companies will show games coming later this yr and games coming out nxt yr too.

iDystopia3355d ago (Edited 3355d ago )

Halo ODST- First footage shown, 4 player co-op
Splinter Cell-Gonna pwnnn
Magna Carta 2-Used to be a Playstation franchise, coming 2009
Squeenix's Front Mission-:)
Forza 3-Show off the new features and customization
Dead Island?
2nd GTA DLC Episode
Killer Instinct/ Rare games??
Lionhead Games(will be shown)
Mass Effect 2 gameplay
Lost Planet 2 gameplay
Alan Wake announced for 2009
New Casual motion games
1 vs. 100- gonna kick @ss
All Points Bulletin
Mistwalker RPG's
Where's Peter Jackson's Halo game??<----Lord of the Rings Director =P
Bioshock 2
Modern Warfare 2
Mafia 2
Half Life Episode 3?

..and there will be some surprises, Microsoft is too quiet. I think they are gonna go for the kill.

Sony Rep3355d ago

and then BAM

PS3 price cut going to sh!t all over Micro$oft. haha. don't cry yet

KionicWarlord2223355d ago

if that all is true...i have nothing to say about this year. 2007 was just a grain of salt compared to this year so far, and im onlt talking about Multiplats alone.

iDystopia3355d ago

lol Microsoft will cut the price again if they need to. Its doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize Sony is at a big price disadvantage and will always lose or barely outsell Microsoft.

They won't be catching up this gen, it's a fact.

Let's see if you can make any sense of this:

Greenberg said he's "confident" that Microsoft will outsell the PlayStation 3 throughout the current generation. "I can’t imagine any scenario where the PS3 can catch up with us," he said.

"In fact, even if you doubled the current PS3 sales and Xbox 360 remained flat, they couldn’t close the gap until 2014."

Sony Rep3355d ago (Edited 3355d ago )

It's bad enough you're hyping that flop lineup of no name and multiplat games there. haha.

You actually believe a word Greenturd says?? haha. This is the same guy who kept screaming hardware shortages all those months the 360 got outsold last year in NA. haha.

Seriously, even if Microsoft does do another price cut, it won't matter. $299.99 PS3 >> 3sh1tty in JPN, EU, and NA

edit @ below: it's called brand awareness and value, bot. Also, $299.99 is a mass consumer entry level price, not $399.99

"lol says the guy waiting for Uncharted, Infamous and Mag this year."

Oh that's clever. When these games are scoring AAA scores, where will you be? still waiting for games? haha

Foxgod3355d ago

What makes you think that maany people would want a 300 euro ps3 ?
I paid more then 300 for my 360, and i recently paid 300 for a pandora.
But i dont even want a ps3.....

iDystopia3355d ago

"It's bad enough you're hyping that flop lineup of games there."

lol says the guy waiting for Uncharted, Infamous and Mag this year.

Stryfeno23355d ago

Shhhhhhhhh!!! Let the droids find out for themselves.

Anyway, I'm off to the store to stock up on some tissues so I could pass it out to the droids on N4G on June 1st.

Fleet Fox3355d ago (Edited 3355d ago )

"In fact, even if you doubled the current PS3 sales and Xbox 360 remained flat, they couldn’t close the gap until 2014."

^^not gonna happen XD.... sony droid pwnage


Stryfeno23355d ago

History will repeat itself...

Common Sense3355d ago

"They won't be catching up this gen, it's a fact. "
There are so many things wrong with that statement.

First, how can it be a fact if it hasn't happened yet.

If you're going to compare 360 and PS3 sales at the end of the generation, you'll have to wait till both consoles get discontinued. You know the PS3 will at last the 360 for the following reasons:
1. Playstation consoles are the only that are supported for 10 years.
2. Microsoft's last console barely made it to 4 years.
3. Xbox 360 launched a year earlier and so it will most likely be discontinued first.

You also failed to neglect that the Ps3 outsold the Xbox 360 in 2007 and most of 2008 when the PS3 cost less than twice the Xbox 360. Xbox 360 outselling the PS3 right in NA and England at half the price of the PS3 while the PS3 is still outselling the 360 in most countries at twice the price point. What do you honestly think will happen when the PS3 gets a price cut?

If MS reciprocates, the 360 will be cheaper than the PSP and will be approaching NDS price point. You can't honestly say they'll still be making much profit on hardware when they're selling the 360 at the price of the NDS.

-MD-3355d ago

How does a PS3 price cut excite anybody that already owns a PS3? Oh right it doesn't.

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artgamer3355d ago

No matter what MS announces it will still has a rough time going against the games already announced for PS3, let alone the unannounced stuff.

but we'll see, this set to be the best E3 ever.

lowcarb3355d ago

Why would 360 games have a rough time going against PS3 games at e3? Some of you clowns are just way to c0cky and arrogant to even be taken seriously with your opinionated views. When E3 is here we can talk about the best of show, but we already know that as long as it's on PS3 (mag) and even if it's ugly as hell you will still talk it up.

BX813355d ago

I like your approach. Best E3 ever. This E3 will be great for all gamers. Lucky for me I own both systems so I'll have a chance to partake in any new stuff coming out. I was about done with MS, between 3rings and E74. Now hopefully they'll start to make up for it. Either way here's to great gaming in the future.

RememberThe3573355d ago

Wow did you miss the last few years of Xbox fanboys shoving every little thing into PS3 fans faces? I think the c0ckiness is warranted.

The fact is that Sony has a strong line up of games we already know about. They are bound to add the that line up with this E3. This is not about fanboyism or anything like that. MS doesn't really have anything other then Halo ODST and Mass Effect 2 on my radar, and I don't think I'm the only one.

That is not to say I'm not looking forward to those game, which I am, eagerly . But Sony has White Night, Ratchet, Uncharted, MAG, and Infamous, that I'm closely following.

There just aren't as many titles. Sony has a hot line up, saying that it would be hard to go up against that is not being a clown, it's being practical.

indyman773354d ago (Edited 3354d ago )

Take your head out of the sand, you osterich. Since when has a Microsoft game had a hard time going against a PS3 game? The most hyped game on the earth Killzone2 for the PS3 got owned by a offshoot game for the xbox360 called Halowars. A new strategy game! PS3toy please! @Foxgod don't you know PS3fantoys hate with it all full of facts and what not? How dare you post factual details about game sales while they are throwing their irrational rhetoric!

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