N4G Snobs Make It Hard For The Little Guy

G-price defends the position of smaller sites on N4G.

The article points out that there is a symbiotic relationship between these sites and N4G. Small sites use N4G for traffic and N4G thrives on the volume of viewers bought in by them.

There is very little real news around in gaming on a daily and weekly basis so most of these sites submit opinion piece articles. In reality N4G is built on articles such as these. And is there really anything wrong with this?

N4G is a sometimes informative; sometimes entertaining gaming community hub, small sites writing opinion piece articles have bought them that success.

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HighDefinition3178d ago

This place is the best place to talk/argue about gaming, as long as you don`t take what people to seriously. Don`t take offense to what people say about ANY system and you`ll love this place. There is obviously some people here who are borderline insane about their system of choice, but they are in every genre of anything. IMO, just ignore them or (do what I do and) use their comments for your own comic relief.

Relax, it`s just gaming and this is just the internet.

Shadow Flare3178d ago

An xbox 360 walks into a night club and sees a wii. The 360 goes, "Hey baby, im smoking HOT for you girl." And the wii says, "No, someone else turned you on"

HaloHead3178d ago

That is what it is all about lol.

A games stand up act, has there ever been such a thing?

HaloHead3178d ago

... is a beautiful thing.

Yes, of course you are right.

I don't agree with a lot of what is said on here but I do find it entertaining and I really believe that is the purpose of N4G. It is good fun.

Uncle Rico3178d ago

What's wrong with opinion pieces? We like talking about games and what not, so I say...bring on the articles!