Final Fantasy XI Anniversary Events Schedule

Square Enix has unveiled the event schedule for the upcoming seven-year anniversary of its MMO, Final Fantasy XI.

The event runs from 01:00 on 12 May until 01:00 on 25 May PDT. Players will find Moogle NPCs in the selected zones, listed below, who will provide information concerning players' adventures in the game, as well as a large selection of gifts.

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Maticus3304d ago

Cool to see they still have plenty of cool events going on in the game =)

Leord3304d ago

One of the cool things about the FF MMO is that it's the only one currently on platforms (am I right, not sure).

They have survived this long, it's obviously possible to have an MMO on console :)

Dorjan3304d ago

I always like the yearly event, and the aniversary ring is aparently a one EVER item. So if you got last years, you won't get one this year...

Or something.

I could be wrong!

Menchi3304d ago

Nahh, you get a new one each year, as long as you've used/thrown away the one from last year.

Can only obtain one once a year though. Though they've added a new ring now, that you can obtain once a week, as long as you complete a server wide thing.

Leord3304d ago

Seven years. That's pretty impressive!

Fyzzu3304d ago

Seven years seems like a funny anniversary to have. Oh well. Glad it's still going strong, anyway :)

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