IncGamers: Champions Online Preview

Incgamers' Bill Vaughan gets her hands on with upcoming Champions Online.

"Last weekend, Cryptic invited us along to the Atari offices in London to check out the upcoming superhero MMO, Champions Online, and Bill Roper was on hand to show us around the Champions world, give us the low-down on characters and explain how Cryptic has developed the game."

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syrinx3358d ago

Great stuff. I am about to check out the Beta myself, very eager to get started with this one.

Maticus3358d ago

That game looks bloomin amazing. Roll on July 14th!

Fyzzu3358d ago

This looks awesome :) I can't wait to get my hands on this. Looks like it's doing enough to differentiate itself from City of Heroes, but it'll be interesting to see how the two stack up considering everything that's being added to that through patches.

Leord3358d ago

I'm also very interested to see how they will do compared to City of... Is it just a straight competitor, or will they take players that currently don;t play City of...

silvacrest3358d ago

im a city of heroes gamer and im really interested in this game, the 14th cant come fast enough

although i cant see someone who isnt (or was) interested in city of heroes or comics being interested in this

Dorjan3358d ago

At least you can turn the lines around everything on and off!

Malfurion3358d ago

Yes I was glad to see that, the art style is different but I'm not sure I like those thick lines round everything.

Dorjan3358d ago

Yeah! I don't like the comic line styles either!

Leord3358d ago

Yes, that's what I said :)

Leord3358d ago

I just love the art style.

Well, actually, screenshots without the lines are better... Still great though.

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