Fight Night Round 4 Styles Video and Demo Information

EA has released a new video for Fight Night Round 4 showing off the various fighting styles available in the game. The publisher has also revealed details of the upcoming demo.

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Leord3358d ago

Dang, that's a good looking video.

Fyzzu3358d ago

This game looks *amazing.*

thetamer3358d ago

It's the real fight mechanics which gets me excited

AndyA3358d ago

I got the chance to play it a few weeks ago and it is an entirely different game to Round 3. Much, much faster for a start.

Fyzzu3358d ago

You lucky fellow. Really looking forward to that demo!

AndyA3358d ago

Wonder if the game has taken Hatton's punch resistance, or lack thereof, into account.

rogimusprime3358d ago

yeah hatton got dropped quicker than a pregnant girlfriend. I felt bad for him since i watched his training saga for the maywhether fight, but pacquiao ate him up pretty bad.

Maybe the next fight should be scheduled in England so our friends across the pond don't have to waste the trip?

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Dorjan3358d ago

I like the different fight styles, I normally try to play outside but end up defensive xD

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The story is too old to be commented.