First "REAL 3D" Videogame Release Dated

Battle Rage: The Robot Wars is the first 'REAL 3D' console game, by using stereoscopic glasses on the Nintendo Wii. A third-person Shooter with elements of a Beat-'Em-Up game that allows a player to control giant robots. It will offer standard visual mode or visually stunning 3D graphics mode.

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Kushan3387d ago

This is from Data Design Interactive. If you've heard of them, you already know this game is going to be terrible. If you've not heard of them, let me just say this: They made "Ninjabread man", possibly one of the worst games made since ET.

PS360PCROCKS3387d ago

ninjabread man? lmao...never heard of it but it sounds really stupid

Kushan3387d ago

It's pretty much the benchmark for "shovelware" on the Wii. I believe it was ported from the PS2 as well.

ChickeyCantor3387d ago

Dude...did you just insult ninja bread man?
O shiiiii..

PS360PCROCKS3387d ago

ahahahaha I just watched the IGN video review, lmao he ripped it, lol it looks terrible haahaha. "Their's uh jumping" "Take a pick, anythings better than this"

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heroicjanitor3387d ago (Edited 3387d ago )

They pick something which looks interesting and market it as the next big thing, they are apple now. I wouldn't mind if they did it well, but they are always more concerned with doing it first, like the wiimote, they made sure it was there first just to associate it with themselves and make anyone else look like a copycat, then a few years later they make it decent(hopefully) with the motion plus.

Edit: Ok my bad got annoyed pretty quickly there but expect it to be followed pretty swiftly by "Wii Space" or something.

Kushan3387d ago

This has nothing to do with Nintendo, it's entirely DDI.

ChickeyCantor3387d ago

Research adds to your knowledge, knowledge is power!

DelbertGrady3387d ago (Edited 3387d ago )

The cell > knowledge

I don't see knowledge doing 1080p at 60 fps...

Just had to ;)

N4g_null3386d ago

WOW Soda Popinsky knowledge has infinite power you go to sleep and dream a whole world rather than making one in 4 years development time. Also your mind doesn't have any resolution it's infinite in it's detail that is if you have knowledge of what you are seeing.

Seriously the cell is god stuff was cool when it was still on a napkin. We've all moved on the real deal chips now and direct X 11.

On subject I wait till I see it live. Also nintendo had nothing to do with this.

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Cuddlefish3387d ago

The first Real 3D game on consoles was Contra: Legacy of War. It also could be played in normal or 3D mode wearing red and blue glasses that came with the game. I rented it and it was pretty bad, the top-down view didn't help things and it was too dark to play in 3D mode.

squablo3387d ago

3d Worldrunner for the NES,which was made by square in the 80s. I remember this game because I used to play it back in the day.

Check it out:

DelbertGrady3387d ago

Now...where did I put my green and red 3-D glasses that came with the latest issue of Mickey Mouse?

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