Game Informer Hints at 2 Big Defining Games

GOONL!NE: "E3 cant come soon enough, honestly, we're dying now for it.

There are some big games on the horizon to be revealed between now and E3, and we may even see two big defining games at E3. At least, thats what Game Informer are saying."

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pandabear3390d ago

Bigger and more defining than MAG and God Of War 3????

Wow - must be impressive

anh_duong3390d ago

nope because i know for sure one them is the new shii game:

Jinxstar3390d ago

/shrug. It's just PR talk. How many times have we heard this and been dissapointed? I lost count 12 years ago...

Christopher3390d ago

just year defining. 50 games could define a year if it's a good enough year.

Love how people try to guess what they are, though. Somehow I'm thinking what most game-focuses magazines consider defining not quite what I would call it most of the time, especially since they develop much of the hype around crappy games.

Freak of Nature3390d ago

Depends on who you are talking to on just how big and defining these games are....different strokes for different folks....

Defining for me... Team ICO's next game,the "rumored" act RPG IP from Insomniac.How about the BBC reporters game he raved about.Peter Jackson's Halo Chronicles? A Bungie announcment of a new IP? Kingdom hearts 3?Or how about Media Molecule showing off a new IP? .......I am not holding my breath,but I can still hope....

Perhaps the waggle will have a way of playing games in HD with motion detect aiming?

Saren Arterius3389d ago

The only "year defining things" that could be announced are:

- Alan Wake
- Nintendo 1st party stuff

and that's pretty much it.

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DelbertGrady3390d ago

"In the last 24 hours I have seen 2 year defining things: one you will see shortly on our cover the other I can’t speak of, both awesome"

He said things. Not necessarily games. I think one of them is some kind of motion controller for 360 or PS3.

SIX3390d ago

1. motion sensing 360/PS3
2. 3D gaming

jrsenkbe3390d ago

KH3 will be announced for the PS3 as an exlusive (at a minimum in Japan, if noy everywehere) Square willl start putting their resources more into the PS3.

mintaro3390d ago

The way things have been going im guessing it's also going to be on 360

ape0073390d ago

that an amazing new TONY HAWK game will be announced

xdye0173390d ago

OMG HL2:ep3 must be a legend. god of FPSs

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