New Wii Fit Girl Video, Ending Has a Twist

Slashgamer: "Last year, one of the top Internet videos was the famous "why every guy should buy their girlfriend Wii Fit." You remember the video, it's the one that featured a girl wearing a t-shirt and panties, while playing the exercise game. To many gamers, it was a 'hot video.'

However, ecmazza in youtube has created a similar video, but this girl could be hotter. *Wink* ;) Oh, and make sure you get to the end of the clip, that has to be the best part!"

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heosphuros3301d ago

saw that coming. i think i prefer the original.

madmonkey03301d ago

very hoorible, he didnt even look like a girl.

heroicjanitor3301d ago

It was obviously a guy, just looked at his stance and knew.

poopface13301d ago

becuse I knew it was going to be a guy when it said that there was a twist.

Tito Jackson3301d ago

SHOW OF HANDS: who still liked it? lol. dont worry people, you can be honest, we're not here to judge. lol.

ReBurn3301d ago

Yep. Saw it coming a mile away. Lame.

FamilyGuy3301d ago

the title made it obvious, next the pic with no hips or ass.
BUT, i watched it anyway to see how it could be funny. It wasn't.

BUT! There is a GREAT wii fit video once this one ends. You know those similar/related videos that come up? Look for the one with a girl in a yellow shirt. She's Asstastic!

iamtehpwn3301d ago

I think I'm gonna be sick!

Ozzyb3300d ago

Better than the original??? lol

Did anyone actually fall for that?

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TruthbeTold3301d ago

she's butt nekkid or wearing a thong, I've had enough of this crap.

madmonkey03301d ago

you didnt watch it did you?

TruthbeTold3301d ago

I thought I made it clear that I wasn't interested in watching it. This stuff is silly.

DSI3300d ago

Any dude with even a half sack would not be caught wearing girl panties and doing hula-hoop on the internet. Not even as a joke. Couple of comedians with bad taste and no testosterone.

peeps3301d ago

well i wasn't gonna watch at work + it was always gonna be obvious that the 'unpredictable' twist could be :/

BlackPrince 423301d ago

I tip my hat to your Ace Ventura reference sir.

Sheddi3301d ago (Edited 3301d ago )

omg! didn't see that coming!

EDIT: ohh yeah, forgot to add /sarcasm.

Smacktard3301d ago

You're pretty stupid, bro.

I'd have thought that everyone would've known it was a guy just by first looking at him.

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The story is too old to be commented.