inFamous: Better Than Crackdown

TheSixthAxis: "Whether the gameplay ultimately becomes repetitive or not will only be evident from the full release, but there was enough variety in the demo to suggest that this won't be such an issue. Ultimately, inFamous is fun, the concept is great, it looks polished and controls brilliantly, and yes, from comparing demos alone it's a better game than Crackdown, and we loved that game too. Electrifying."

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Lfmesquite3356d ago

I'm really looking foward to Infamous myself.

WildArmed3356d ago

better than 'crackdown' isn't saying much.
Crackdown was a mediocre game IMO.
Prototype and inFamous look AAA titles atm..
but only time will tell :D

Sky Zero3356d ago

And Crackdown came out when again?

redsquad3356d ago

Good gameplay has nothing to do with a game's age. Look at something like Super Mario World; It still plays great, and that was released over a decade ago.

cmrbe3356d ago

was crackdown really that good?.

I never hear much about Crackdown from x360 fans.

The_Zeitgeist3356d ago

Crackdown looked to cheesy for my tastes. I like my super hero games dark and dreary.

DragonWarrior465343356d ago

Crackdown sucked. I dont know how or why that game sold that good? Maybe it was because of the Halo 3 beta? I dont know?

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