Capcom to Lean on PS3 for Software Sales

The latest financial report from Capcom revealed that they will be leaning on the Playstation 3 for the 2009-2010 fiscal year.

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barom3305d ago

Hmm 10 PS3 titles and 11 X360 titles? Maybe Lost Planet 2 will stay exclusive after all.

DasBunker3305d ago

How can this be? xbox 360 has a 8 million lead and PS3 is just a bluray player...


Jamegohanssj53305d ago

It's too bad that Capcom doesn't release at least one PS3 exclusive. They know it will sell well seeing as they're both Japan based companies.


cmrbe3305d ago

3rd parties exclusives is going the way of the DODO this gen. I accept that. However i expect more respect from Capcom as we have supported them for quite a long time.

I mean i heard that the x360 Dead Rising 2 will get something special for x360 fans for supporting it. Hell, what about PS fans with DMC 1,2,3?.

Capcom is full of sh1t. I would forgive them if they actually created a stellar game but sofar all of their offerings this gen has been crap for me personally.
Compare to how they stormed the gaming scene last gen with the stellar DMC and Ominusha and offcourse RE4 i am very dissapointed with them this gen. They haven't evolved since then.

SL1M DADDY3305d ago

Just how badly the sales for companies like Capcom are taking a hit due to piracy... Since you can download many of the titles released and play them on the 360 for free, yet for the PS3, it is hardly an issue. Interesting.

callahan093305d ago

I don't understand why they think the PS3 is going to be their bread and butter and yet they still seem to insist on Monster Hunter being a Wii franchise and Lost Planet 2 being a 360 exclusive. Makes no sense.

I think Lost Planet 2 will eventually come to the PS3, but I don't know about it. But I would bet money that after Monster Hunter 3 is done, the next console Monster Hunter will be on the PS3.

Rainstorm813305d ago (Edited 3305d ago )

I bet they are
RE5 sold most on PS3
SF4 sold most on PS3
DMC4 sold most on PS3

what capcom needs to do is stop "Leaning on the PS3" and show their appreciation and support it more. like cmrbe said where is PS3 exclusive gameplay or timed exclusives games. Heres hoping they do the PS3 right with a Ninja Gaiden sigma 2 type of upgrade for Lost Planet 2. Or a PS3 exclusive Monster Hunter 4 pl co op monster hunting with the power of cell.... YAY!

Bombomb3305d ago (Edited 3305d ago )

it's the wrong fiscal year.ha

false positive for fanboys

All-33305d ago

Capcom --> expects <-- but that doesn't ensure that those expectations will be met does it?

Sony and Guerrilla probably --> EXPECTED <-- faster and larger sales numbers for both Killzone 2 and the PS3 when the game was released...

Christopher3305d ago

Resident Evil 5 (Capcom)
PS3: 2.0 million
360: 1.8 million

shawnsl653305d ago

i would like a new Mega Man game and.. well that's all I can think of at the moment.

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ps921173305d ago

This is nice, bring us some exclusive. Lol that lost planet 2 thing was a bit saqureish.

DasBunker3305d ago

"Buh..Buh..But the Lead"

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3305d ago (Edited 3305d ago )

Ken Kutaragi is Amazingly Clever!!!
Shame hes gone :-( I blame the internet LIES really :-/ The way they twist peoples words and that.
Oh well, he WILL have the Last Laugh!!! ;)

When you switch on the PS3 it just Oozes Quality ;-P

When you switch on the ChatBox 360 it just...RRoD's ;-D

cryymoar3305d ago

OMG Sir Ken, you're on teh newz!!
what a handsome man indeed.

ultimolu3305d ago

Ken is one bad motha...shut yo mouth!


He's the man.


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3305d ago
cmrbe3305d ago

Not only are they a dissapointment but also the way Capcom treated their loyal PS fanbase is inexcusable.

Bring a really good Ominusha then perhaps i will forgive them.

socomnick3305d ago

Their "loyal PS fanbase" is on the 360 also. A large chunk of current 360 owners were ps2 and ps1 owners. Now with the 200 dollar 360 most of the ps2 owners making the jump to hd are buying 360s.

cmrbe3305d ago

Really?. Do you know what a large chunk means?. MS said they shipped 31 million x360. The xbox userbase was at 28 million when it the xbox was pulled. This means at most there are 28-29 million x360 out there. Are you saying that the majority (large chunk) of the this current x360 isntallbase are PS2 and PS1 owners?. What happened to the 28 million xbox owners when the xbox was pulled.

Logic suggest that the majority of xbox userbase started migrating soon after the x360 was released and when the xbox was pulled while most PS2 owners still haven't migrated yet since the PS2 is still supported.

What happened to the 28 million xbox owners?. They migrated to the PSP?.

Look if you are going to play with me at least bring your A game as your effort was just weak.

callahan093305d ago

Of my own personal friends, I know precisely FOUR ps2 owners who own a 360. And one of them is me. The other couple of dozen 360 owners that I know all owned Xbox's last generation. And, in addition to that fact, every one of my former-Xbox-owning friends is now a 360-owner except ONE, and he went with the PS3.

I can't speak for the rest of the world, because my sample size is about a millionth of the number of 360 owners, but pretty much indispensably every Xbox owner I know is now a 360 owner, and most PS2 owners are not Xbox 360 owners (as I said, 4 including myself... the rest are split... about 1/4 went Wii, 1/4 went PS3, and the remaining half haven't bought any next-gen console yet). And I think that's the important point: I think that that sampling holds true for the whole PS2-owning population, that at least half of them have not yet bought ANY console in the current generation. There's still a lot of them that need to make the jump.

ultimolu3305d ago

I agree dude. I want a new Onimusha too! I swear if Capcom announces it, I'll replay the entire series. *__*

I have the whole Onimusha series too.

OmegaSlayer3305d ago

I always thought that PS2 gamers that bought only a 360 are by far the worst "class" of gamers.
They say that they have been deluded by PS3 while they didn't even bought it.

thewhoopimen3305d ago

Where is this 120+ million chunk of ps2 migrating to 360 you speak of socomnick? Are you daft or just completely deluded? I don't even need to use my butt to disprove your inane statement. Stop kissing your own MS tatted ass.

Sky Zero3305d ago

Mostly everyone I know on XBL had a Ps2.

Scratch that.

Almost everyone had a Ps2.

Bordel_19003305d ago

I agree, I haven't bought a single Capcom game either.

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