Consumer Reports fakes consumer report about Macs?

BSN: "Recently, we wrote an article about the Mac tax and how ridiculous some ridiculous statements had been made by the media in regards to the cost of Macs versus PCs. Today, we come against another form of media claiming that Macs are indeed better than PCs. This time, though, the bias is blatantly shown by what was once considered a respectable measure of product quality and value, Consumer Reports."

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Pixel_Addict3387d ago

Macs come with all the productivity software you'll ever need. When you purchase a PC; the Windows that is included is a completely barebones operating system. Not even Microsoft Office is encluded. If you are a college student and you buy a PC you'll be forced to buy extra software to seperatly just to do basic college course workload. All that is included in Mac.

Places like Bestbuy offer a seperate software package for around 300-400 dollars. That would make a 1500 PC easily 2000 dollars. That is the trick Microsoft has been using for decades. Offer the illustion of value by stripping down a product to a nearly half-complete state encouraging people to upgrade.

Sure an Xbox 360 is 199.99, but no harddrive, no wi-fi, and a 50 dollar a year fee for peer to peer online gaming? That is the strategy of Microsoft, diversion and the old 'bait and switch'.

Kurylo3d3387d ago (Edited 3387d ago )

yea ill give you a break, since your stupid and clearly dont know what your talking about.

you can get a pc that can play crysis on very high quality at 1600 resolution... for 600 dollars. Dont beleive me? try

Pcs are upgradable. Faster, more powerful. Macs are for the uninformed who just feel comfortable with macs.. This is the trick mac tries to do on its consumers. Not being able to spend 150 dollars on a new graphics card for the latest and greatest games... they want u buy a whole new computer...this is the reason why macs only have like 10 or 20 percent of the computer market. (that is a real percentage i just dont remember which number it was)

Macs do not offer anything that pcs dont do better. Graphic production and video editing is better on a pc, mac users claim this cause it was the truth about 15 years ago and they throw that out there. But when asked why? they really have no serious response since pcs have more of everything needed to do this stuff and do it better.

This isnt even getting into gaming where gaming is controlled by pc market... not mac. Macs are like the nintendo game cube(not wii) vs ps3 and 360 combined.

jag_stilvecchio3387d ago

I don't buy the argument concerning software. Fact is when I went to high school and college MS Office was the default productivity software. My schools offered extremely reduced prices on MS Office - I think I paid somewhere around $75 for MS Office 2003. Alumni also qualify for an upgrade via MS for $20 to MS 2007.

You'd have to be some damned fool consumer to walk into a Best Buy, purchase a laptop and then separately purchase MS Office Professional at $400. The people purchasing MS Professional likely aren't students or regular users but rather business owners and power users.

Apple is most definitely charging a "tax" to consumers for that hip logo & image. I read an article not far back that speculated Apple's margin in their products is typically around 30-35% - and that's before resellers add their margin.

I do like OSX, but not enough to justify the cost.