No PS3 price cut at E3

Rumors starting suggest this is the case

It seems that Sony may have already decided that they will not slash the price of the PlayStation 3 despite desperate pleas from multiple software developers. Our sources say that the decision has been made that Sony will wait till closer to the holiday season before another re-evaluation of a possible price cut while the company works on another revision of the console to reduce cost.

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Lfmesquite3391d ago

Until they do, 360 will keep winning the sales battle.

madmonkey03391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

perhaps sony are holding out untill they bring out a ps3 slim. i dont think that would be too far away and would give a huge buzz around the console. and it should have a lower price point and therefore increase sales.

The_Zeitgeist3391d ago


That is some of the most ill informed logic ever. There will be no PS3 Slim for a few years. I'm sure of it. The price will go down eventually. Maybe around X-mas, maybe longer.

anh_duong3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

"The news will not sit well with many developers who have sunk a lot of money into the development of titles for the PS3 only to receive mediocre sales at best in most cases."

mediocre sales at best???!! the author is really taking the piss.

seriously how can you say that ps3 games sales are mediocre at BEST i.e. even the best sales are mediocre?

another fanboy monkey journalist making ends meet to pay for his peanuts.

madmonkey03391d ago


maybe so. but it is possible

the psone came out 5 years after the launch of the original PSX. the ps2 slim came out 4 years after the ps2. the PSP slim came out after 2 years.

the ps3 is now 2.5 years old so i dont think it is that far fetched to see a PS3 slim in the next Year. im sure they have theability to do it if they wanted to.

The_Zeitgeist3391d ago

None of those systems had a hard drive or blu-ray player or wireless internet out of the box. All those features take power and space. There will be no slim-line for at least another 3 years.

Saigon3391d ago

and how is this creditable...seriously we rip hhg a new one everytime he post somthing and when an article that comes from a site that begins with FUD everyone beleives them...

price cut or no price cut...until it comes from Sony...this is FUD...reported...

The_Zeitgeist3391d ago

Thats why it was filed under rumors. For you see there is a section for that kind of stuff. Some people just like to talk about this stuff. If you care so much then don't comment.

Kill Crow3391d ago

Have been stating the 360 would get buried this year when the PS3 price drop comes in .... thatwas back in November/December ....

It's still not arrived ... You should have listened when Sony said from the start there would be no price drop ....

Jinxstar3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

Kill Crow

I am one of the biggest Sony Fanboys on this site.

I never said there would be. Matter of fact I think they have dropped it too low. I bought mine for 600 and glad I did(BC and all) but for what you get out of the box it is a hell of a deal. However people wont see that without advertisement and such. I do think Sony's advertisement campaign is pretty poor. Still though I don't care about prices of consoles and how many sell. Look at the list of games I'll be getting to play. GOW3, Uncharted 2, Heavy rain, Infamous, WKC, Ratchet CIT, Jaffe's unannounced game(Twisted metal most likely)... The list goes on from JRPG's to shooters to platform adventure games to a ton of other things that I will be getting to play... After Fable 2 and Gears 2 are announced for PC this E3 I will be fully cemented and justified in my 360 sale to upgrade my PC. However I may pick neither up... Maybe Fable 2 if I get really bored and it is in a bargain bin but really... yeah. So why do I care about sales? I still get all this exclusively on the PS3. Not exclusive for a while to 360 then it'll go to PC or PS3 or what not, maybe, kinda... And when it does it'll be the better version i.e. Bioshock, Ninja gaiden Sigma 2, Mass Effect(Hated this game anyway but it's still on PC), Gears of War etc...

Basically what I am asking is why does it matter/ The PS3 makes money for companies, Sony takes care of their companies, We get real exclusives and a great machine for a great price already. If others can't see that what do I care?

I had a 360... I got rid of it. See my blog if you care to know why.

I never played it... I bought a few games on it and yeah... I know many said the price was going to drop but I don't think that makes them "Fanboys" More likely people who want a PS3 but A. Can't justify to mommy and daddy why it's orth it over a 200$ 360 or B. Can't afford it in general followed by C. Fans. However why would someone who owns it already want the price to drop? i don't care a long with many others.

Also from what I remember they said there would be no price drop this "Fiscal" year. Why would they announce it early and lose potential sales? Why should they drop the price? so PS3 fans can rub it in 360 fans faces? I could care less really... I feel most PS3 fans could as well... I get amazing games and I just feel bad for those who are so devoted to the 360 that they will miss out on some amazing IP's...They will get plenty of good games like MW2 and Batman etc. but honestly the Sony exclusives just look to stomp everything except maybe MW2 but it's still coming to the PS3 anyway... That is my opinion and fanboys can argue all they want but it's true.

Really though this is an article from "Fudzilla"... never heard of it before... Who is their inside contact? Where do they get this from? It's just rumor. Hence why it's posted under "Rumors". If there is a price cut then good for those people. I for one don't want PSN to turn into a daycare like XBL is though. I like the high price point and all that... Keeps many of those cry babies out imo... Elitest or not it is how I feel. I had a 360. I hated playing online. PSN imo is just much better for a ton of reasons...

Kill Crow3391d ago

There were loads of rumours which were constantly being denied by sony about a price drop early this year ... and many many fan boys took this as what would happen ....

What ever YOUR reasons, none of it really matters.

All consoles have something good to offer this gen. Having ALL models is where the party's at IMO .

Christopher3391d ago

Let's look at some figures (All values in the millions)

GTA 4 (Rockstar)
PS3: 5.6
360: 7.0

Call of Duty 4 (Activision)
PS3: 4.3
360: 7.3

Assassin's Creed (Ubisoft)
PS3: 3.4
360: 4.5

Call of Duty: WaW (Activision)
PS3: 3.2
360: 5.4

Resident Evil 5 (Capcom)
PS3: 2.0
360: 1.8

So, let me get this straight. Sony's ability to increase sales by millions, even though most people who own both consoles will buy for the 360 due to online capabilities, is a bad thing for publishers? Selling 1 million boxes for a single console pays for the amount of money it took to work on that single platform of the game, anything thereafter is profit. Furthermore, profit margins for the PS3 are greater than the 360 due to higher royalty fees on the 360.

Please, tell me how they're not enjoying the extra profit off of the PS3?

All-33391d ago

What's to stop Nintendo or Microsoft from --> dropping <-- the price on their consoles as well?

dj555555553391d ago

This is the current total console sales from VG chartz

XBOX 360: 30,210,000 been on sale for 42 months giving it a monthly average of 719'285

PS3: 22,120,000 been on sale for 30 months giving it a monthly average of 737'333

As you can see the PS3 has sold more than the 360 in the same time period and with it costing twice the amount. THE ONLY REASON THE 360 IS AHEAD IS BECAUSE ITS BEEN OUT A YEAR LONGER!!!!!

silvacrest3391d ago

for nintendo, they would probably get a sales spike for a while and since the wii isnt that much different to a gamecube i doubt it cost much to build a wii

microsoft on the other hand already have the cheapest next gen consoles
how much profit would they gain from another price cut?

Kill Crow3391d ago

At the point the PS3 launched it was pretty much accepted the xbox had a lead of around 7 million consoles. Roughly half was through 2008 Sony managed to get that lead down to about 5.5 million ....
But over the last 7 months the Xbox has managed to move that lead back to around 8 million consoles , which means, PS3 has NOT sold MORE consoles over the same period of time ...If it were selling MORE over the same perdion of time the total difference would have to be less than 7 million ....

IdleLeeSiuLung3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

Why would a third party care if they publish multi-platform? Problem solved.

dj555555553391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

I didn't know that 719'285 was a bigger number than 737'333 the fact is AVERAGE monthly sales of the PS3 are better than the 360

Saigon3391d ago

His source is the THQ investor meeting where the CEO stated his claim on what they think Sony will do at E3...the author has been busted...

Daoshai3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

That's not a good way to look at average sales... I'll tell you why.
When a product comes out there is an initial boost (same with games), that big boost will tamper off with time. So because the 360 has been out longer the avg is dropping from the first boost, sony with less months out are still receiving a larger benefit from the debut.

To do an accurate avg sales per time, companies minus 3-6 months off the debut (depending on the company) and start 0 from that point. It's a much better reading of so called "legs" a product has.

To see the true value of the price cut yes, you would. Though the time is much smaller for a cut in price, I know we use (kodak) 3 weeks as the guideline for price cut, keep in mind its still a product that been out for awhile

dj555555553391d ago

So will i have to take off sales boosts the 360 recived from price drops and buying exclusive DLC?

Lifendz3391d ago

are people that already own PS3s. If you own a 360 and you got it at launch, then you shouldn't really complain about paying launch price for a 360 but with a bigger HDD and so much more functionality. I'm glad Sony's not caving in to the pressure.

And if you really want a PS3 but the 100 bucks is make or break then you should pay attention to Gamestop and other sites like Dell. You can find a PS3 for 299.99 on those sites quite frequently.

Yipee Bog3391d ago

matter of fact, i'll be kind of mad if they do drop the price considering i paid $599 for mine

caffman3391d ago

pardon me a sec

SnuggleBandit3391d ago

who gives a flying F*ck about SALES...and who gives a SH*T about anything to do with a console you don't have. I honestly don't know what fanboys see in arguing back and forth there is no point just enjoy what you have!

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lloyd_wonder3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

True, but Sony has the last say at e3

cryymoar3391d ago

i believe they are making somewhat of a profit on their PS3, and of course are making profits from the PS2 and PSP.
They may just see what the competition does, and might have a price cut announcement just in case they need to steal some more of the show. But as of right now, Sony is expected to BE the show :)

MUNKYPOO3391d ago

i think this will be a smart move by sony

Rmagnus3391d ago

We??? What will a price cut do for me? I already own a 60gig... Why would i want to buy another one?

heosphuros3391d ago

OK We owners may not need a price cut. but people that cant afford it yet need a price cut. and i think it would be good even for people who already have the console, as it should increase the install base and increase third party support.

The_Zeitgeist3391d ago


So you can say you have two. You know just to rub it in to all those people that don't even have one. It is the American way.

cmrbe3391d ago

about a price cut is of no use. Sony could drop it tomrrow or never. Its depends on what Sony sees as prudent for the time being. People shouldn't waste their time on these rumors.

edhe3391d ago

TBH it's what publishers and developers want.

If sony don't accomodate them then the games will always be ports and less invested.