Top 10 Best-Selling Capcom Games List Updated

According to the latest official reports, Resident Evil 5 is now the third best-selling Capcom title ever while Street Fighter IV is now the eighth. Mighty impressive numbers considering that both games were released this year.

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Myst3357d ago

Hmm, no monster hunter on here makes me sad..:/

peeps3357d ago

7. Monster Hunter Freedom 2 G – 2.55 million units

Myst3357d ago

God I was tired last night, but you know. You get a bubble, just for that :]

ceedubya93357d ago

Proof that Capcom needs to make another Dino Crisis.

nelsonkiki19883356d ago

ur right capcom bring dino crisis series back plz ;(

Miraak82 3357d ago

i'm surprised RE4 isn't on thier

bigjclassic3357d ago

Because they doubled the sales as opposed to putting out on just one console.

The Pheen-X3357d ago (Edited 3357d ago )

Street Fighter 2 still king.
Proof that many ppl loved RE5

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