10 Hottest Xbox 360 Games of 2010

"Things may seem a bit quiet at the moment, in terms of game releases, but for the patient gamer there's plenty to look forward to. Not only are there some fantastic games coming by the end of 2009 (check out the contenders), but next year looks like it will be even more packed with interactive goodness." - from gameplayer

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ShabzS3391d ago

max payne 3.. that all i need

SlappingOysters3391d ago

It is Dead Space 2. Hell yes! The original is in my top 5 for sure. To be honest though, given that it is being made by the same guys that are doing Dante's INferno and that is not due to 2010, me thinks Dead Space 2 is a 2011 release

Maybe a launch game for the X720.

Sucks2BU3391d ago

A Mirror's Edge 2 would be great. The first was a bit average, but you could tell that a bit more honing on that idea and it could be great.

Surprised they left out CoD: Vietnam.

Hellsvacancy3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

And sorry 2 say this but ill probably buy/rent 80% of those games 4 my Ps3 especially Max Payne 3, Bad Company 2 and Dead Space 2 and Aliens so its not really just a list 4 the 360

Agent VX3391d ago

Yep, same with the PS3 list, way too many multiplats games in which I will play on my 360 which almost always gets the better version and the online which is superior to PSN.

THe exclusives on the PS3 list looks like rental material also, although "The Agency" has possibilities. Both the 360 and PS3 list looks decent, with only Mass Effect 2 really getting me excited. Deadspace 2 and Fallout: Vegas also look very promising.

SL1M DADDY3391d ago

This list might (hopefully) change dramatically. I hope that after E3 we will see more exclusives tot he 360 on a "Most wanted/hot games" list. Exclusives keep me interested in the systems on both sides of the HD market.

3391d ago
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SlappingOysters3391d ago

Do you think the Xbox 720 will come out next year. It would match MSs 4 year cycle, but would suggest some of the games might be launch titles.

Personally I think it may be as late as 2012 till we see a new Xbox. How could this generation be at an end already?

Halo3 MLG Pro3391d ago

The Xbox 360 is a much bigger success than the original Xbox. The 360 is a cash cow. They'll be definitely milking it for awhile.

SlappingOysters3391d ago

The slow uptake of Blu-ray and HD in general has a lot to do with this generation going longer than we expected.

If HD had gotten a really quick uptake at the time the PS3 was released, it would have made the X360 date quickly... but as it is it all kinda did pan out the way Sony would have wanted,

Sucks2BU3391d ago

So where are the bloody exclusives.

It is basically Alan Wake vs. God of War III and then everything else is multiformat. Screw that crapola

Maybe the Wii can save us with a new Zelda or Metroid.

DelbertGrady3391d ago

They should wait with a list like that until after E3. Easy hits though.

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