Why Exclusives are Feeding the Hate

Gameplayer Writes:
So I pushed a few buttons yesterday. Good. I'm glad. While it would seem that a lot of people misinterpreted the, admittedly, provocatively titled Sony gives 64 Million Gamers the Finger, at the very least it gained exposure for the growing concern of exclusivity deals between console manufacturers and third-party publishers.

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KKanjiAnkh3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

Cause people buy systems for their many games, not to see the same lame game or genre, take a fat doo, on the industry, and it seems to me Fboi's are extremely angry about the success of Sony, taking a step in other directions, when gaming needed that change.

Sony, is not perfect, but [email protected], 4 a company to make an outstanding VGz department, and trying to add that mass appeal, from it's competitors, is well planned, and a thoughtful nod to them, as an acknowledgment.


anh_duong3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

stupid journalist.. it has got nothing to do with exclusives - it is all to do with stupid fanboy flaming hitwhoring journalism looking for cheap hits..

boy do i think the journalism this era sucks donkeys balls..

the sooner we rid journalism of corrupt fanboy baiting the better this industry will become

redsquad3391d ago

Of course. This gen we have the "internet", which gives EVERYONE a voice and everyone carte blanche to call themselves 'journalists'.

I'm sure every gen has had idiots waiting in the wings with hate and bile to direct at whatever company they feel deserves it, but back then there was no mouth piece for their rants. This is 'progress'...

Kill Crow3391d ago



Genesis53391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

Well when your 1st party developers make games obviously they will remain exclusive to that console.

It is when companies start writing cheques to third party developers with the sole purpose of excluding the other consoles that problems will arise.

So far there is only one of the big three that see the need to do this on a regular basis. Then when it happens to them they cry foul.

gamesmaster3391d ago

gameplayer really has been laying some turds lately, do they ever report anything non console war related?

we all know whats feeding this Hate? Game journalism...

anh_duong3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

look at how many articles gamplayer devote to exclusives this generation:

here are a few examples:

"Should PS3 and PC fans be jealous of GTA IV DLC?"

"Should PS3 owners be jealous of this content? Well, it’s all relative really. For those of you who want to know that for sure: read our full Lost and the Damned preview and see how it sits in your stomach. After that, ask yourself how long you’d feasibly want to wait out for it. There’s your answer." - gameplayer

"PS3 vs 360: When is an ‘exclusive’ an exclusive?"

"X360 vs. PS3: The Truth about Exclusives"

"Battle of the exclusives - X360 vs. PS3 vs. Wii vs. PC"

in all that time they wax lyrical about how many exclusives a console has and what quality the exclusives are. flamebaiting and hitwhoring to the max.

and now they decide that exclusives are a bad thing because they feed fanboy hate? wtf!!?!!

hypocrisy to the max. make up your flipping mind gameplayer: who do you think is really responsible for fanboy hate. rhetorical question methinks.

monkey with keyboard syndrome perhaps?

KKanjiAnkh3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

I agree w/ you guys 100%, because some kids don't know how to step out of the norm, from their gaming habits, and another group or individual, mocks them for their choices, it becomes unwanted static, in the gaming community.

Bad Reviewers
Horrible Game Shows
Game Sites
You name it

Boiling down to a voice, I.E. the internet, causing stupidity at its finest, but some stay Fboi's cause they just don't know good it is, to adopt the word GAMER,under their belt.

velcry3391d ago

1. Exclusives happen for many other reasons - production costs, better publishing deals with a certain company, machine limitations. A small company stands to make more money by focusing resources on one platform, rather than all.

2. By proclaiming so loudly that exclusives = fanboyism, you reveal that you yourself are a fanboy. Because you think that the ONLY REASON exclusives happen, is for the console war.

3. I'm going to take everything you write from now on with that bit more of salt.

Eddie201013391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

I'm not a big fan of console exclusives, but there has been exclusive third party games since the NES and Sega Master System. I have a bigger problem with exclusive DLC, It is unfair to sell a game for systems that are equally capable and not allow one all the the extras the other one is getting, especially when they are charging the same price for the game on each system, I'm talking about the PS3 And The Xbox 360 this gen, with all the other systems(Including the Wii) the games are going to be different anyway and the price is cheaper for games on those systems.

Not all exclusives are bought, all games have to be approved by each console manufacturer, sometimes a game will be approve by one console manufacturer and not the other, such was the case with GTA 3, Sony approved it and Microsoft did not.

Some of Sony PS2 exclusives games were not deemed mainstream enough to make money on the Xbox or GameCube because of there much smaller install base, the PS2 had such a large install base early on that it was an easy choice to make those type of games on it.

Another reason is the Japanese developers had a better relationship with a Japanese company, same for some western developers having a better relationship with a western console manufacturer. That has changed a bit because Japanese developers aren't at the top of heep anymore.

At the end of the day I would say that most of the Sony PS2 exclusive games were because of it's much bigger install base, not because they bought them. That and the Xbox was considered a FPS console by casual gamers.

As for this article, them using Sony as the main offender is just a freakin joke.

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PirateThom3392d ago

Where were all these articles when the 360 was getting exclusives DLC for GTAIV and Fallout 3?

KKanjiAnkh3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

Thom the faeries are angry "Jack you where supposed to keep our secret." Microsofts great crack in the door was On-line play, which Sony is trying to adopt, and what Nintendo, is wading in. If you buy a system for one game, not only are you not a gamer, you still hurt the industry tremendously, by staying stagnant, allowing great ideas to never leave the paper. You don't need a degree in Astronomy to see that.

ShabzS3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

the guys says that even l&d and fallout dlcs were announced way before the game was released.. it was well known that you'd have exclusive dlcs for gta if you bought the 360 version... this ghost buster incident is a complete game that was multiplat and has changed into an exclusive... and it all happend in under an hour a few months before the release... it just seem underhanded .. authors words ... all those preorders and imports for the other systems all suffer... and by the time its released on 360 ppl will be playing bioshock 2, odst forza 3 MW2... this games sales will suffer and sony is making sure of it

PirateThom3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

But Ghostbusters isn't exclusive. It's timed exclusive in Europe and no one has denied other versions are coming.

Timing doesn't matter if the game is still known to be coming to other platforms, unlike Lost and Damned and the Fallout DLC, which were known to be exclusive.

ShabzS3392d ago

again... the game would be released during the time of odst forza 3 mordern warfare 2 bioshock 2... this is from my perspective ... i'd probably be low on cash that i wont be even considering to buy a ghostbusters game at that point in time... but if they had released ghosbuster during a time like now.. where there are no major games coming out i would have bought it... but this is just me... its sales will get affected... novemeber to the gaming industry is like july to hollywood...

UltimateIdiot9113391d ago

Well, Microsoft is worse in their multiplatform tactics. At least, everyone know GB is coming on other system. Microsoft on the other hand make time exclusives like an exclusive. Ex. Eternal Sonata, Tales of Vesperia and others.

I personally enjoy exclusive but I don't like how Microsoft makes time exclusive as exclusive.

LeShin3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

Read Ultimatidiot's comment and see that what you're saying doesn't really hold water.

I would also like to add in Bioshock and Lost Planet to that list. You telling me people knew Bioshock was going to come to the PS3 when this game launched? Many people who already had PS3's bought a 360 for that game which came out months later on the PS3 anyway, and at the time it was 'Only on Xbox360'

You reap what you sow. It's a bad thing all round but if a company decides to start this 'business practice' to get ahead of the competition, you'd be foolish to think other companies wouldn't follow suit eventually.

In addition, how much do you want to bet the same thing happens with Lost Planet 2 on the PS3? I bet I won't see any articles saying that it's unfair that Microsoft are depriving gamers.

Funny that....

ShabzS3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

hmm... I have to agree on bioshock. I still have the case wher it say Only on Xbox 360 and Windows. But you're missing my point. I'm not saying that Microsoft doesnt do it. Or that Microsoft can be given a pass for what they have done. I'm saying that with timed exclusives like these the game creators are the ones that feel the pain.

Releasing a game on a stale gaming climate like this gives more exposure to games such as these. But then releasing the game on a power packed september / november really hurts the game if its not a heavy hitter itself. A misguided move be EA last year with Mirrors edge had the same fate when it realeased with Gears of War 2 and Resistence 2. It just didnt get enough exposure.

But companies that make this decision on purpose are the ones to blame. They are litterally releasing the game at a time when no one is going to consider buying it. and that is just wrong. Be it microsoft or sony. It not fair to the developers. Even terminal velocity expressed their concern about the future of their games sales with this new move from sony.

what i think is that 3rd party Sh*t should be third part only... no exclusive dlcs or timed exclusives. That just doesnt make sense to me.

LeShin3391d ago

Okay, now I see what you're saying. I agree that third party shouldn't be exclusive this generation.......but unfortunately, in this current climate, money talks.

Eddie201013391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

If it were the other way around with this game and it was made a timed exclusive for the Xbox 360, The Xbox 360 fanboys would be saying buy a Xbox 360, so you may do the same and buy a PS3.

No one Knows when it will be released on the other systems in Europe.

It is one game compared to the many that Microsoft payed for this gen, do the SquareEnix games come to mind.

Sony does own the Rights to the Ghost Buster property.

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I did not murder him3392d ago

Exclusives feeding the hate?

I see one company leading in exclusives so far this year while they are not hyped by MSFT because they're not big gun titles and Sony boasting the couple they have had so far and their fans attacking MSFT and praising Sony's games that sort of fail hence the lashing out at Xbox.

DasBunker3392d ago

SoNy cAnT hAz GaMES, tHeiR gAmES sUCk,pEopLe CAnT LiKE"Em!!1 tHey hAvE No 30 MiLliON hYpe CaMPaiGns Or 5 VaGiLioN sAlES dAy 1.

KingME3391d ago

Personally, I was going to buy ghostbusters. But since this timed exclusive thing happened, I will probably pass on it. It the publisher chooses to switch this to a timed exclusive this late in the game and screw a lot of the would be fans, My response to them as a consumer would be "That's cool, I just won't buy your sh!t when it does come out on my system."

Had this game been a timed exclusive from the start it would have been fine. However I do feel that the was it was done was underhanded and I think 360 fans should ban together and slap them back in the face by not buying the product when it release for the 360.

Just my personal take on it.

YourCall3391d ago

I agree 100%, I'll probably pass on this one also. When will this guys realize, the second have of a timed exclusive rarely ever does better than the first half simply because people usually see spoilers, or other things that make them decide, to pass on it.

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Mr_Bun3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago ) seem to be taking this a lot more personal than any other site.

I can't believe that Ghostbusters is getting this much attention because of a delay of mere weeks...and in only 1 territory for that matter.

ultimolu3391d ago

...Are you f*cking serious?

This dude needs a life!

butterfinger3391d ago

Gameplayer articles that are constantly referencing the console war. It's obvious they have nothing to actually report on or contribute to gaming culture.

ultimolu3391d ago

Yeah, I mean this guy is having a freaking meltdown over nothing.

I actually have an account there and I tried talking some sense into him but his buddies decided that he needed defending.

I swear, if Microsoft had done this, you wouldn't hear a damn thing.

raztad3391d ago

Should MS be the one getting GB timed exclusivity, gameplayer would be talking about yet another victory for MS. How Sony is DOOOMZZZ cause Ms is stealing its games and prospectives of more multiplats going exclusives at E3.

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