Fight Night Round 4 - Hands On at Gamertag Radio

Gamertag Radio staff member Ladyluck posted a hands on preview of Fight Night Round 4"

"Truthfully, I found this game so amazingly accurate and realistic that it was almost like watching a movie. And not the crappy kind either. Anything from the fighter intro cuts to the actual gameplay just blew me away.

The developers did a fantastic job of listening to the community in their wants for the game and reviewing the faults of Round 3 themselves. The outcome is stunning. I'll take it bit by bit for everyone. And I apologize ahead of time as it probably won't have as much coherency as I jump around to the things that impacted my gaming experience the most.

Besides the game looking fantastic; it plays fantastically too. The days of opponents running away and using their blocking as the ultimate defense are over. Not only did I learn that my old tactic in Round 3 (the above mentioned: running away and blocking) no longer worked, but I had to improve and refine my actual fighting skills to be able to have any effect on my opponents."

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