Power Trip #6: Braid

Gamer Limit writes "This week's power-up comes from a very unlikely protagonist. He's as subtly gifted as he is short. The abilities he possesses aid him in warping the very fabric of reality to his beckon call. "

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chrisjc3215d ago

The shadow part was so awesome. I can't wait to get around to playing Braid again.

Dimly3215d ago

I'd argue that time manipulation has existed in a very useful form long before Braid. That would be quicksave/ quickload in any PC game of your choosing.

Fullish3215d ago

Although quicksave/quick load doesn't look awesome.
More so Prince of Persia: SOT is a lot more similar.

DangerCurtis3215d ago

You know it's legit when the author does two things: uses the word 'doppelganger' and quotes Soulja Boy. Great read.

agentxricky3215d ago

While new, definitely worthy of the power trip.

syvergy3215d ago

I wish I had time manipulation