PSX Extreme: Split/Second Preview

PSX Extreme writes: "Some people may believe there's only so far you can take a racing game: you can either go uber-simulated or crazy-arcade or somewhere in between, but those are the limits. Every racing game falls within that aforementioned spectrum. Well…maybe Black Rock has a little something to say about that, as their new and very ambitious project may end up being something entirely new in the eyes of racing fanatics. It's Split/Second, and although it isn't due out until early next year, it quickly landed a spot on our ever-roaming radar when it was first announced. There were a variety of tidbits we gleaned from that announcement that perked our ears and piqued our interest, and now, IGN has gone hands-on with an early build of the game. This, combined with the baseline details we've been able to gather, allows us to get a closer look at a super promising title. Although it's closer to an arcade-type racer than anything else, there's an intensity element that should be very, very original."

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