PS3Vault's Broadcasting the inFAMOUS Demo Live on Justin.Tv

PS3Vault: 'We are doing some live streaming of the inFAMOUS demo on Justin.TV. You should go look if, you know, you're interested in the biggest game of the month. Or if you just have a passing interest in the electrocution of things. Maybe you have a fetish for video game superheroes, I don't know, make up an excuse - just go and look!'

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GameGambits3390d ago

Yeah I'm there now and someone is just playing Valkyria Chronicles. Time wasted? Success.

Gamoc3390d ago

You clearly did something wrong considering that it works for me and everyone on the chat there.

bigrob1233390d ago

looking really good cant w8 for it to arive in the post on launch day