MyPS3: Top 20 Playstation Games

MyPS3 writes: "The Playstation 3 gaming library is probably one of the best in the history of gaming. Titles like Bioshock, MGS4, Oblivion, The Orange Box and Killzone 2 all helped the PS3 develop its core gaming audience, with a dedicated online community that no other competitor can even come close to in terms of content and accessibility."

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MUNKYPOO3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

its all a matter of personal opinion. i agree with more than half of those listed. im glad to see that im not the only one who thinks that mgs4 should be number one. to me i still think the game play, story, and graphics are best on the ps3 to date.

The_Zeitgeist3392d ago

Glad to see pure get some love, folklore should be higher, so should Bioshock, LBP was over rated. I bought and still have not found the time to make one single level. My wife and son like it though.