Has Nintendo Cooked the Golden Goose?

Complacency in the face of consumer doubt in the marketplace. It's a dangerous thing – particularly for the market leader, Nintendo – the fiscal king of gaming. However, this is exactly the situation the gaming goliath has found itself in at time of writing – precariously balanced atop the tower as two other competitors scramble at its heels.

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hatchimatchi3356d ago

i don't think nintendo's next system will sell as well, maybe a little bit better than the gamecube.

I don't really see most of the non-gaming community who bought the wii for wii sports going out and getting another system.

What do i know though?

I'll buy one because of mario, zelda and metroid but i definitely won't be getting my hopes up for it like i was with the wii. That is unless nintendo goes with motion controls plus HD.