Can Infamous Prove That GTA Was Held Back In Open World Gameplay?

GTA: IV although it shares a completely different concept as far as game design you can't escape the fact that in infamous you can literally climb up on any building , destroy any and everything on screen, get into large battles, and all this is shown in much more detail graphically than what GTA: IV offered.

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nightelfmohawk3392d ago

Sony had a GTA-killer in the works called InFamous. :)

Lou-Cipher3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

Does anyone really need Infamous to prove that GTA 4 was held back by the last gen DVD?

Why no 7.1 HD sound?
Why not have an environment as large as San Andreas?
Why no RPG style elements?
Why was there a lack of vehicles?
Why was there a lack of customization?
Why was there a lack of weapons?
Why was there a lack of Airplanes/Jets/Helicopters?

I don't need any game to prove that GTA 4 was held back, I am already convinced that it was held back, and I think it is safe to assume that DVD is to blame.

Lifendz3392d ago

and maybe not. Game is getting rave reviews and it seems like the far and away superior game to Prototype. I got my money for it so I'm picking it up. But I really don't need Infamous to show me what GTAIV could've been on PS3 exclusively because Rockstar pretty much confirmed that when they bished about MS not letting them access the HDD drive.

Lifendz3392d ago

and the quality of the articles, both grammatical and content, have improved greatly and seem to continue to improve. Not many on here compliment a site when it does something right but I have to say that I like the new layout and am glad to see that the site isn't all about flame bait stories and sensationalistic headlines anymore.