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White-Sharingan3388d ago

OMG! Ive been wanting this for YEARS!!!!!!!!!!! Gold and Silver are the most epic Pokemon games ever! I think I just came all over myself...

Immortal Kaim3388d ago

Can you get the original 150 Pokemon in Gold/Silver cause I don't like the newer ones?

menoyou3388d ago

It's going to be garbage because Nintendo doesn't have a proper online functionality. What's the point of raising and training Pokemon to battle when... there is no where to battle. Lmao.

Friend codes? yea right. Adding and deleting codes constantly just to fight once. It's such an unnecessary mission. Hopefully Nintendo gets their act together next gen because they ruined this one.

Bnet3433388d ago

Yes baby! 16 badges, 250 pocket monsters, yeah I'm gonna love this.

The Great Melon3388d ago

I haven't played Pokemon since gold/silver/crystal, but have been looking for a reason to start playing again the games again. I think I just found a reason to start playing again.

xyz1893388d ago

"Adding and deleting codes constantly just to fight once"

uhhh really /sarc.... I think you just need to add the codes

Or if you aren't lazy you can just go to your friends house and just link up with them on the spot, and then register them on ur Pal Pad immediately.

It's not that hard

Ratchet_Co3388d ago

Oh man! I have to save a bunch of money now to get a DS!

menoyou3388d ago

xyz use your brain little kid. Friend codes only allow for a small amount of people. Your friend isn't going to be online every time you're online. You need a battle center to fight people when you feel like fighting. If you try to add people and you already have a full list, you need to delete older friend codes to make space for new ones. This is what happens in Pokemon Diamond. Stop being such a fanboy and just admit Nintendo's online friend code garbage has ruined this generation of gaming for DS and Wii.

kwicksandz3388d ago

i dont really see the point given that pokemon games are just iterations upon the previous one. that and id prefer they remade red/blue to take it back its roots!

leftbehindxp3388d ago

They already did remakes of the originals, firered and leafgreen

xyz1893388d ago

Well guess what? The PSN and xbox live have limits too! However, it it obvious that the limits are a lot bigger, but what I was trying to imply by my previous post that getting friend codes are not that hard. Not everyone plays pokemon y'know.

And me being a fanboy for defending nintendo? It's just my opinion on the topic. Look at my comment history, all of my comments are fair ones, and even the ones that sound like trolling are sarcastic (if you read on).

Yet look at your comment history. I swear practically all of your comments are negative.

Examples include:

"Final Fantasy hasn't been important since the PS1 era. These games suck and just get worse and worse. Weird cross dressing protagonists, cliche save the world story lines, ridiculous art direction, and the list goes on. Square-enix is a pathetic company"

"You have to be really desperate to be hip to buy an Apple product, period"

"linux sucks and only little kids who want to pretend theyre 'cool computer geeks' use it."

"yup, a ridiculous move by sony to allow this demo."

But of course you cannot forget the occasional

"so happy to hear this. i love this game so much"

I mean, man, either you gotta get out more or you need to take a chill pill, no offense.

jav09183388d ago

none the less but I would rather hear about a true Pokemon RPG or some sort of MMO that would be pretty awesome catching pokemon and battling them in full 3D. And don't tell me just play Pokemon Stadium or w.e games are out there. They are boring. I true Pokemon RPG or MMO would be a lot better because you can play other real people when ever you want and train your pokemon the way you want to.

You might say it would suck because everyone could just get the same powerful pokemon 6 times but that wouldnt matter if you really know how to train and raise your pokemon. Especially if Nintendo can perfectly balance it so not to have super overpowered legendaries. But then again has nintendo ever made an mmo?

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Panthers3388d ago

Awesome. Just need a release date now.

KuroSe7en3388d ago

OMG, Nintendo is just going to milk all of their former franchises now aren't they?

2FootYard3388d ago

OMG, I don't give a s*** cause I want to play this.

LordMarius3388d ago

Hope it allows us to go back to Kanto and beat that league like the old game.

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