Mobcast Episode 001

This is it, the debut episode of the Mobcast, a podcast that is destined to be described by iTunes commentators as "Five guys in a room? Really?" and "No 97.5 the Brodeo."

Our ( team) first show was recorded a bit over a month ago, during the Game Developers Conference, so pardon a few out-of-date references to the revolutionary telegraph machine. Aside from Dan 'Shoe' Hsu, who you'll hear on most episodes of Mobcast, special guests on Mobcast 001 include former EGM and 1UPers Mark MacDonald, Che Chou, Chris Johnston, Bryan Intihar, and Shane Bettenhausen. We also have Robert Ashley of A Life Well Wasted adding some additional commentary as the disembodied voice of God. Special thanks to Robert for handling production duties as well.

We ( team) could go into detail about the many topics this show actually covers, but we'd rather you stop reading and start listening!

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