inFamous Demo in action from start to finish!

Evolved Gaming has the inFamous demo on video from start to finish. INFECTED503 writes, "Below you can see the demo, as played by PSN ID INFECTED503, from start to its, thankful, end! Expect more a little later tonight after I decompress myself from this experience!"

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CaptainKratos3356d ago

that guy playing made me want to throw the controller at the screen....and i wasn't even playing.

fanboi hater3356d ago

I'm mean thanks for the upload but god that dude was absolutely horrendous it was excruciating to watch. But the game looks fun for sure.

ThanatosDMC3356d ago

Wow, this guy sucks... throwing "grenades" at his feet sure is smart. Since it's his power why is he affected by it... nvm... i wont nitpick on it.

Timesplitter143356d ago

well it's not because I punch myself with my own hands in the face that I won't be affected by it

rajman3356d ago

Demo was awesome, heres my HD Full Playthrough of the demo:

INehalemEXI3356d ago

sweet quality , what kind of video capture do you use?

raztad3356d ago (Edited 3356d ago )

Thanks for the videos, game looks awesome and the action is tight!! Very excited about it.


OMG, I need to finish GTA4:The Boredom, as soon as possible, the new king of sandbox games is arriving. Long live inFAMOUS!!! :D

aldesko3356d ago

Looks like the disagree fairy is making his rounds.

badz1493356d ago

thanx man! awesome vids with great quality! I was keeping inFAMOUS as a KIV title for me this year! not really sure I wanted to buy it but now it's already a must buy! DAMN...the game look SWEET! I'm gonna run havoc across that city! bzzz...bzz...(definitely not a bee sound!)

rajman3356d ago

Thanks guys, I used a device called Hauppauge HD-PVR to record the HD videos!

Shane Kim3356d ago

Great videos rajman. Seeing you play made me soooo much excited. Day one buy for me.

Chubear3356d ago

that's some insane quality. Well frikgen done dude. Please, PM me details on this device you used please.

Douche Nozzle3356d ago (Edited 3356d ago )

click on the HD button on bottom of the video. GREAT QUALITY.
not my video,fyi. I need to buy one,lol.

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2FootYard3356d ago

Infamous is a lot cooler then I initially realized.

akaFullMetal3356d ago

sweet, can't wait, but that guy playing, i hope he wasn't trying, and was just showing off the level.

dalibor3356d ago (Edited 3356d ago )

You know something, the cartoon looking scenes that tell the story remind me of Twisted Metal 2 endings. Infamous looks like a fun game. Not sure weather to get this or Wolverine game. I think I will get Infamous first, the story seems interesting along with the gameplay.

peeps3356d ago

i imagine you'd get more reply value out of inFamous. Both single player games but with infamous being sanbox theres obv a lot more to do than in a linear story like x-men. I'd say rent x-men now and play it while you wait for inFamous to release :)

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